Testimonials | Physical Therapy Chesapeake VA


I want to thank you for providing such excellent care and assistance with my rehabilitation. The time I spent working on the strengthening exercises and understanding the way the muscles and tendons work together has been a tremendous help with my recovery. I cannot say enough good things about the level of personal care and individual attention I received.

– Bob G.

When I had my surgery and was anticipating physical therapy, I knew there was no other place I wanted to be than your facility. The warm friendly atmosphere makes your center a place to look forward to instead of therapy being something to dread. You guys are the best! When I was weak, you supported me. When I was confused, you informed me. When I was afraid, you encouraged me. When I thought I couldn’t do it, you urged me. You all make a great team! I really don’t know how I could have done it without you!

– Julia

Thank you so much for all your help with my recovery after my skiing accident. I am pleased to report that my knee is functioning at 100% with complete range of motion of mobility and strength. I know this amazing recovery is due almost entirely to you and your staff. All of you were helpful, instructional, and encouraging throughout the entire process. The warm atmosphere made physical therapy something that I looked forward too, instead of something that I dreaded. I willingly drove past many other physical therapy centers that were much closer to my home or work just to be able to come to PT Center of Chesapeake.

Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake has reinvented the wheel! Ken and Bonnie have created an environment that makes an unsure time a rewarding experience in an atmosphere of fun and encouragement. I made the right choice in trusting Ken, Bonnie, Dawn and staff to help me through multiple joint replacements. I can freely recommend you do the same and they will lead you to your recovery. I have been amazed with the results.

– Jerry E.

Ken, just a note to thank you for the excellent care you and your fine staff have provided to me since June of 2013 (1st Total Knee Replacement). I have been through 2 Total Knee replacements Rehabilitation Treatment sessions with you. The most recent was February 2015. The regimen you established for 3-a-week sessions worked great. The friendly, yet firm, atmosphere ensured a “cut no slack” approach to my recovery. Once I was finished with my “official” rehab, you offered a month-to-month self-use program for me to work out as much as I feel like using your facilities (nominal fee). I continue that to this day. The (cheers-where everybody knows your name) daily greetings from everyone there, staff and patients, really makes sweating a pleasure (almost!) I could not imagine anywhere else to go when needing a “tune-up”.

-Tom S.

I tore my ACL in a skiing accident at the age of 51, and had to wait to have surgery for several months. One thing I needed to do before surgery was get full range of motion back in my knee. When I started working with Ken, I could only move my leg to 90 degrees. He not only gave me some different and more helpful exercises, but at the end of each session he and his staff stretched and manipulated my knee so that within a short amount of time I had full range of motion, and my knee and leg muscles were stronger and ready for surgery. While it might have been painful while they were doing this, it actually felt much better and I could move better by the end of my session. After surgery, the recovery process went so smoothly and I felt like I made a pretty speedy recovery. Ken and his staff again took super good care of me, and explained everything that I would be doing and need to do in order to recover fully.

– Rise