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"I had excruciating low back pain, and very limited movement. I tried the ER, anti inflammatories, prednisone, lidocaine patch, muscle relaxers, chiropractic, massage - all of it. Then I tried PT at Chesapeake Physical Therapy. My first week I was worried, I struggled, didn’t feel much progress. Just 5 and a half weeks later I have my life back. I am not taking Aleve (annd more) every day anymore to manage pain. I can now handle daily activities, and chores - but I also hiked 4 miles! I could barely walk a few weeks ago. Not only do I feel better - and really I’m pain free - but I also have hope to do some things I haven’t done in years. Wayne, Nick and the staff here have made an effort to personalize my treatment, have listened to my needs and goals and helped get me through some of the worst pain of my life. I cannot recommend this practice enough. They are knowledgeable, thorough, supportive, and hilarious (you cannot get through this pain without a little laughter along the way!). I am so very glad that I came here. Ringing the bell and graduating today was bitter sweet because I will truly miss everyone! Thank you for helping me. - Mel "
Feb 05, 2024
"I have been to physical therapy twice for two different issues. Both times, when I was finished, my abilities were restored completely. This last time I broke my leg in three places-I started my program with a walker and a boot-transitioned to just the boot and then transitioned to no supportive devices. I am now back to the gym and doing everything that I was able to do before I broke my leg. I worked with Gwen and Sara-but the whole staff works together as a team-maximizing the time that is spent there. It is a very positive atmosphere and I will be back if I need any additional therapies in the future."
Jan 30, 2024
"Wayne, Nick and all the staff were amazing! They took me from wobbly, in pain and limping to walking, steady and no limp. They were patient, kind, and listened to my concerns. Thank you for your compassionate care! "
Jan 15, 2024
"Exceptionally professional staff who work diligently with each patient for a great outcome. I have been receiving treatment from the center staff for over ten years whenever a problem arises and will continue to do so. "
Dec 03, 2023
"The Physical therapy Center of Chesapeake should be the go to place for rehab of shoulder and leg surgery. Ken, Dawn, and the entire staff are all true professional. I have been practicing dentistry for over 40 years, and I truly appreciate the skills of all the therapist at the center. Everyone at the center are knowledgeable and personable, which makes a difference when you are trying to recover from a traumatic surgery or accident. I would recommend anyone in driving distance to rehab at this center, because you would never regret the experience."
Aug 30, 2023
"These guys are exceptional. Friendly, interested in your well being and recovery and engaged in your recovery. It is fun to come here and work on your recovery. They make you laugh and work hard. After 2 knee replacements and months of therapy I feel great and grateful for their help. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else or recommending any other therapy center. Good job guys!"
Jul 14, 2023
"Excellent staff who provided outstanding care. Achieved great results and would highly recommend."
Jul 03, 2023
"In December 2022 I broke my leg. A friend referred me to Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake. Over the years I have been to other physical therapy centers in Hampton Roads area. None compare to the outstanding care I received from Ken and his staff. They are all welcoming, professional and compassionate. They make you feel like family. Appointments are always on time, clean facility and well equipped. Thanks to them my leg is doing great. If I ever need PT in the future I will definitely return!"
Apr 14, 2023
"My experience with the staff and friendly faces at the Physical Therapy center was nothing short of great. My reasoning for going to PT wasn't due to a bad injury, just slight problems in one of my shoulders, yet my guy Wayne and the team here still gave me full focus and assistance. I now feel my mind to muscle connection is way better than it was before I came here and I have learned a lot movements and knowledge for the future. Overall I recommend the center in Chesapeake, I was always stoked to come by. "
Mar 29, 2023
"I love this therapy program. They have the best team work order I've ever seen and experience in any program that I have visited. They all are very caring and patient. I would recommend anyone to take a part of their treatment and training program. The receptionist is also very courteous and friendly as well. "
Mar 17, 2023
"Wayne and the team at Physical Therapy of Chesapeake did an amazing job during my sessions in the clinic. They explained the process and made sure I understood every exercise, what was the goal of each movement and the body area targeted with each one. They made you feel at ease during the sessions by being actively engaged with you as an individual with the overall goal of physical improvement as the end state."
Feb 12, 2023
"I have had occasion to benefit from the excellent skills of Ken, Dawn And others over the past several years. I’ve had varied surgeries and or medical issues that they have helped me recover from. They are professional, kind, always cheerful and always know who I am and what I need. I would give my highest recommendation to anyone who needs physical therapy."
Nov 02, 2022
"I can’t say enough great things about these guys! I came to them in pretty bad shape after breaking my knee and shattering the cartilage underneath. They took me at my absolute worst and got me back on my feet. Literally! I worked with Ken and Dawn the most, but the entire staff was dedicated to the care of every single person who walked through their door. I struggled through a lot of fear and not only did they help with the physical side of PT, they took on the therapy part too. There’s not a doubt in my mind that I was supposed to do my therapy there. I would highly recommend them to anyone for anything. They are the BEST! "
Sep 30, 2022
"Excellent professional staff produced great results for me, Great friendly atmosphere coupled with well trained and knowledgeable staff. Without a doubt the best facility of this type in this area. I highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy."
Sep 30, 2022
"I'm 80 years old and have just finished "Balance and Gait Training" here and am glad to say that I am walking much better, am able to walk up stairs and have greatly reduced my chance of falling, all due to the great knowledge and help from the Therapists and their team. First, they assessed my problem and set up an individual treatment plan to help me walk better by strengthening my muscles. They were dedicated to seeing that I accomplished my therapy goals. The whole staff, from the first contact by phone till my last visit with the Therapists and their team, always treated me with respect and made me feel safe and comfortable in an atmosphere of smiles and laughter as I worked to regain my strength. I hope that I will not need their help again, but if I need therapy for anything again, they are my choice for treatment. You can trust them to do the best for you, too."
Aug 12, 2022
"Amazing care from each PT professional I had the pleasure of meeting. Family, friendly environment from the moment I walked in. I truly appreciate the attention and help provided to get me back to feeling better and normal. To Ken, Dawn, Gwen, Wayne, Sarah, Josh, Lisa, Julie and Candice; Thank you all so much for your assistance with my recovery. "
Aug 04, 2022
"I had a top notch physical therapy experience! The therapists are experts and the staff is phenomenal! They are true professionals who make you feel comfortable and welcome. The facility is well equipped and clean. Their therapy program got me back to 100 percent and the home exercise plan they provided at the end of my sessions inspired me to continue being active. I highly recommend them!"
Jul 26, 2022
"I had a very positive experience while in therapy at this facility. The staff was great helping me with my degenerative back with the burning and blistering pain. Most noticeably Miss Bonnie and Sarah made sure I went thru all my exercises properly and after my authorized time there I must say I'm almost back to normal with my back! I would highly recommend to anyone who needs therapy go see this establishment, they will treat you right and make sure you get right! Thanks again! Made me a believer!"
Jul 10, 2022
"To Wayne, Sarah, Forrest and the entire staff, a very special Thank you. Everyone was so professional and knowledgeable. They were very caring and we enjoyed conversations and laughs. I loved how the team worked together to ensure that I was not wasting time waiting to do the next exercise. And the best part is that my back is so much better! They even gave me instructions and bands for home care. If you need physical therapy, I strongly recommend them."
Jul 05, 2022
"All of the therapists have great personalities. Fun group of people. I was impressed with the various techniques used to rehabilitate. It was not easy, and a long process but so worth it. I am able to walk with out pain. Thank you."
Jun 23, 2022
"From the minute I scheduled an appointment and walked into the therapy room, to the day I rang the bell on my way out, I was treated like family. I absolutely loved my PT (Gwen W) but every single staff member, from the PTs to the Techs, worked with me as a Team. One Team, One Mission: Me! I chose PTCoC completely by random chance but, considering that I want to live my best life post rehab, and I want to feel like I have an entire village supporting me every step of the way, I will never go any where else or recommend any other facility other than PTCoC. These guys are solid professionals! Thank you all so much for getting this forever client to walk pretty normal after total knee replacement surgery! :)"
Jun 19, 2022
"I was a little hesitant at first when my Doctor recommended physical therapy for my knee, but decided to give it a go. After my first session at the Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake I immediately knew that it was a super positive decision to continue therapy for 16 sessions as recommended by my PCM. From the moment I entered the front door I felt welcomed. Initial administrative process was seamless and I did not feel bogged down with unnecessary paper work. Staff was polite and knowledgeable and answered all my questions without hesitation. After my first session I realized that my care would be targeted towards relieving pain in my knees, improving my mobility and definitely strengthening my leg muscles. Therapy staff was always attentive, knowledgeable, precise and patient with their instructions and guidance when executing the various exercise movements. Special care was given to exercise equipment and tables to ensure that they were sanitized. Special thanks to Dawn for her professionalism, patience, knowledge and targeted exercise program, I have definitely gained some muscle strength (left foot) and definitely more mobility transiting up/down steps. My experience was superb and would definitely highly recommend Physical Therapy Center Of Chesapeake for all of your Physical Therapy needs. Call them now do not hesitate. "
May 15, 2022
"All the staff take great care for each individual injury for each client. All the staff was nice, personable, professional and knowledgeable in what they do. Gwen is always busy and attentive to everyone she is responsible for. I recommend this facility to anyone that is recovering from any injury. The administrators were very polite, proficient and helpful "
May 01, 2022
"I would really like to take the time to write just how GREAT everyone at Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake is. But my experience tells me that most people don't read lengthy letter. So, I'll cut it short. The whole staff there were outstanding. To say that I would highly recommend them would be an understatement. It's the only place that I will go to if I need physical therapy again. Wayne was my therapist, GREAT young man. I want to thank everyone for all they did so I can now do all I have too again. THANK YOU!! "
Apr 25, 2022
"I highly recommend this therapy team in Chesapeake. I felt like family the first day. This is the second time for therapy for me. I will have surgery soon and then back to my favorite therapy team. When you first arrive, administrative staff are great. They answer questions and set up the appointments. It was easy to get started. While waiting in the lobby a therapy staff comes to the waiting room to welcome you. They start your plan of care and each of the team members get to know you and spend time to explain each exercise. I have had therapy before, but this team is the best, an outstanding team. They want you to get better and take time to help you emotionally understand your plan of care/ If you ever have a question for this team, call them and they will alleviate your fears. I am nervous about my upcoming surgery. I feel so well just going to therapy, I want to cancel the surgery, but the team talks to you and helps you to understand it's necessary in order to heal fully. If I could attend every day I would, even after my therapy ends. I will always have friends that care and I will call when I have a question. "
Mar 31, 2022
"Starting with Lisa, Office Manger, my time with the Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake was phenomenal! Dr Wayne Hammes, PT, and team Forrest, Christine, Sarah, and Josh were the best. This is my third physical therapy organization in the Chesapeake area and it is the best. I am a 64 year old who had a badly sprained ankle that wasn’t getting any better. After assessing, Dr Wayne started me on a course of action that within 9 visits over 4 weeks restored functionality and eliminated pain. I will be going back anytime I need PT to resolve my function issues."
Mar 30, 2022
"I have gone to several physical therapy centers before, I can say from my experiences that the Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake is beyond the best ever. They are very personal with their care. The staff is so nice. I was a little skeptical at first when my doctor told me that I needed to go to physical therapy after my hip replacement because it was not soon after. I am now able to go back to bowling, going up and down a flight of stairs the correct way. I have full use of my hip without pain. I am now able to get in and out of a sports car without pain and enjoying myself pain free. If you ever need physical therapy I highly recommend the Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake."
Mar 28, 2022
"Special thanks goes to each member of the staff. They have truly been special to me in the year plus that they have worked with me. I am a testimony of their patience and perseverance as when I first went in I was non weight bearing on BOTH of my legs and now I'm walking extended distances!!! Each of them have worked with me and each of them have earned a special place in my heart!!! Having experienced what I have in the last 1 1/2 years, there is NO other place or trust that I would recommend as highly. THANK YOU "
Feb 21, 2022
"Staff was very friendly and professional. Scheduling was easy and accommodating. Recommended."
Dec 29, 2021
"Highly recommend for physical therapy. The entire staff is very helpful and all work together to help you. They are all very nice and make you feel welcome."
Dec 18, 2021
"I was having a lot of pain in my shoulder. I had physical therapy at another facility but with no results. A friend from my Jazzercise class recommended Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake. The result at this facility was a miracle. I no longer have pain. The added bonus for me is that I found an outstanding group of people who cared for my needs. They were patient, kind, and answered all of my questions. I feel blessed. "
Nov 05, 2021
"I’m a frequent flyer, been to the Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake three times (two shoulders and back) and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Ken, Bonnie, Dawn and the entire staff are extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Their plan of attack to get me back in shape exceeded my expectations, even my surgeon was amazed at my recovery and range of motion. No matter what your physical therapy needs are this is the place to go.."
Oct 06, 2021
"I had six weeks to get ready for my 5K and half marathon in Virginia Beach and I was fortunate to meet Dr. Wayne and his all star team they helped me with a situation going on with my knee I wanna tell you they worked together to get me back in tiptop shape and I had a successful run I’m feeling like a new person. Thanks For your professionalism your respect and your attention to detail. Sincerely Star 17 Sept 2021"
Sep 17, 2021
"Since I retired last year of December 31,2020, I feel like every part of my body starts aching may be because of less mobility of my whole body. It started with my left shoulder. There were times that I can not reach any thing above my shoulder with out stretching a lot and any help from my husband. Sleeping on my left side was hard too. My left shoulder kept me awake with pain in the middle of the night. After seeing my osteopathic and sports physician, I was referred to have PT done and was sent to PT Center in Chesapeake, VA. In PT Center, I had 4 weeks with 2x a week of treatment. Every staff was friendly and helpful during my treatment. Kudos to everyone especially to Ken Loud who was kind enough to give me his expertise in massage of my left arm concentrating on left shoulder. This helped my left shoulder to move a lot better and learn to RELAX too instead of being stiff at all times. I highly recommend this place if you need to improve any aches and pain that you have. You will graduate with no pain at least. Thank you everyone for making me comfortable during my treatment and my stay."
Sep 15, 2021
"I highly recommend Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, caring and friendly. They knew exactly what I needed following knee replacement surgery. I was always treated with respect and the team was genuinely interested in helping me restore mobility to my knee. A very special thank you to Wayne, Christine and Forrest. You are the best!"
Sep 09, 2021
"I had an amazing experience at this place. Everyone here has an amazing attitude and everybody here is so enthusiastic about their job. If I ever get injured again I definitely know where to go "
Jul 22, 2021
"I have had total knee replacement in both knees. Ken and Dawn did an excellent job both times, to ensure that both knees worked as they should. P T was thorough, strenuous and worth every second I was there. I cannot recommend them enough. You cannot stop stretching and flexing your knees after you leave P.T. That's key to your success. The front desk ensured I got the appointments when I wanted. The entire staff was excellent. "
Jun 28, 2021
"For Ken and the whole staff at "The Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake," Thank You. You are the very best in the business. The strengthening of my injured shoulder is improving every day; more strength is important at my age. Qwendolyn is professional, personable and patient. Her depth of knowledge is always evident. She listens to my concerns and informs me about my treatment. Her ability to communicate in the English language well is appreciated. She is appropriately attired for the work of physical therapy. Gwendolyn consistantly displays a reassuring calmness that easies working so closely. All the rest of the staff are chararesticaly similar. It's a sure sign of great team work. Everybody is on the same track, pulling for the same goal, patient care. Everyone's effort contributes to the best patients experience. If you are in need of effective physical therapy, if you have goals you want to achieve, and you appreciate knowledgeable professionals then the team at "The Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake" could be for you."
Jun 22, 2021
"This is the second time I have been to this therapy center and the staff is great. Everyone is so attentive and I have worked with Sarah most of the time. I would recommend them to anyone. "
Jun 09, 2021


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I cannot thank you enough for the great care I received at Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake. I had my total knee replacement on January 10, 2018 and I was released as fully recovered on April 2018. I attribute a great deal of that success to the outstanding quality of care I received at PTC. The staff works so well together as a team, helping you yet keeping others moving thru their workout routines at the same time. It starts with their smiles and warm greetings when you enter. It shouts, “Welcome Back.” It continues with their knowledge of the science of your anatomy and is combined with the art of teaching you what to do and how to do it properly. They take time to explain everything they are doing and why. Does it hurt? At times, you bet but their compassion helps you get it done and you know it is for your benefit in the long run. I hope you do not need the services of a physical therapist, but if you do, they should be at the top of your list. Thanks again. YOU’RE THE BEST!

– Art M.

Ken and his team are the best. They have helped put me back on my feet after surgeries and accidents over the years. They’ve been sympathetic and firm – always taking time to explain and encourage. I feel lucky to have found them.

Dawn has designed a super workout for me between regular therapy and I expect to keep coming back for many years to come. I plan to master those hurdles within the next year or so!!

– Carolyn

Professional, responsive and enthusiastic are just a few of the words that describe the staff at Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake. It is very clear that patients are their number one priority with the goal of achieving a successful rehabilitation through physical therapy. Ken Loud and his staff are very knowledgeable of their trade, operate with a positive work ethic and present a comfortable and friendly environment to work the physical therapy aspect (as I was) or a returning veteran of the processes, you cannot go wrong or be disappointed choosing this top-notch team. Be prepared to be amazed.

– Bill O.

I want to commend Ken and his staff at Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake.

Something unique about this practice is that they operate independently of any of the orthopedic physicians or centers. I was referred to them by a friend.

Previously, I have had physical therapy at other practices. It was fine. What is so very different about Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake is the personal interest and care that I have received. I genuinely feel like they want to know me as a person not just as an injured, arthritic joint. This holistic approach makes me feel encouraged and hopeful about regaining the full use of my shoulder. It also makes me much more willing to share how the injury is affecting my daily activities. They have given me practical suggestions about how to continue with one of my favorite activities, water aerobics, without compromising my recovery. My treatment plan is continually amended to reflect how I am feeling. I feel like a full partner in this process.

– Sue

I want to thank you for providing such excellent care and assistance with my rehabilitation. The time I spent working on the strengthening exercises and understanding the way the muscles and tendons work together has been a tremendous help with my recovery. I cannot say enough good things about the level of personal care and individual attention I received.

– Bob G.

When I had my surgery and was anticipating physical therapy, I knew there was no other place I wanted to be than your facility. The warm friendly atmosphere makes your center a place to look forward to instead of therapy being something to dread. You guys are the best! When I was weak, you supported me. When I was confused, you informed me. When I was afraid, you encouraged me. When I thought I couldn’t do it, you urged me. You all make a great team! I really don’t know how I could have done it without you!

– Julia

Thank you so much for all your help with my recovery after my skiing accident. I am pleased to report that my knee is functioning at 100% with complete range of motion of mobility and strength. I know this amazing recovery is due almost entirely to you and your staff. All of you were helpful, instructional, and encouraging throughout the entire process. The warm atmosphere made physical therapy something that I looked forward too, instead of something that I dreaded. I willingly drove past many other physical therapy centers that were much closer to my home or work just to be able to come to PT Center of Chesapeake.

Physical Therapy Center of Chesapeake has reinvented the wheel! Ken and Bonnie have created an environment that makes an unsure time a rewarding experience in an atmosphere of fun and encouragement. I made the right choice in trusting Ken, Bonnie, Dawn and staff to help me through multiple joint replacements. I can freely recommend you do the same and they will lead you to your recovery. I have been amazed with the results.

– Jerry E.

Ken, just a note to thank you for the excellent care you and your fine staff have provided to me since June of 2013 (1st Total Knee Replacement). I have been through 2 Total Knee replacements Rehabilitation Treatment sessions with you. The most recent was February 2015. The regimen you established for 3-a-week sessions worked great. The friendly, yet firm, atmosphere ensured a “cut no slack” approach to my recovery. Once I was finished with my “official” rehab, you offered a month-to-month self-use program for me to work out as much as I feel like using your facilities (nominal fee). I continue that to this day. The (cheers-where everybody knows your name) daily greetings from everyone there, staff and patients, really makes sweating a pleasure (almost!) I could not imagine anywhere else to go when needing a “tune-up”.

-Tom S.

I tore my ACL in a skiing accident at the age of 51, and had to wait to have surgery for several months. One thing I needed to do before surgery was get full range of motion back in my knee. When I started working with Ken, I could only move my leg to 90 degrees. He not only gave me some different and more helpful exercises, but at the end of each session he and his staff stretched and manipulated my knee so that within a short amount of time I had full range of motion, and my knee and leg muscles were stronger and ready for surgery. While it might have been painful while they were doing this, it actually felt much better and I could move better by the end of my session. After surgery, the recovery process went so smoothly and I felt like I made a pretty speedy recovery. Ken and his staff again took super good care of me, and explained everything that I would be doing and need to do in order to recover fully.

– Rise